“Learning about yourself while your young is one of the best things you can do! Once you know who you are, you choose where to sail with less anchors holding you back.”

Kevin in Gothenburg, Sweden

Hey, I’m Kevin. Welcome to the Young Minimalist blog.

I believe that creating a life that fits around me while I’m young is the best way to live my life. I do this through minimalism, living with intention and in close contact with (our) nature. This blog is here to share with you the things that add value to my life, I hope that they add value to yours too.
That’s a picture of me up there. Until recently, I was living life the way we get prescribed. On auto-pilot. Doing as much as I could to get ‘contacts’, and to harness opportunities. Then I got to the end of my university degree in social sciences, and I started questioning my life.
Until this point, I had never really thought about how I was living my life. I was focused on being ‘successful’. Following the ‘tried & tested’ route: get a degree, find a job, earn money, then earn more money. All in order to be able to spend more money, buying material objects to make me happy and to show to people who I am. But who am I? And who’s model of success is this? Was I trying to be successful for myself or for someone else?
When I started asking my self these questions, I was troubled by what I found. The focuses of my life were based around someone else’s ideas and expectations. This was a scary discovery and it certainly left me feeling empty. So I set off down a road to understand my self more and live my life. Actually a journey is a better description of what I’ve embarked on. A journey lasts. It is about travelling, not arriving. In fact endeavouring not to arrive may even be more fun!
So what have I found out about me? I know I care about my health and the environment. Spending all my week working isn’t appealing (or fun!). I love rock climbing, travelling, photography, being outdoors, cooking, learning, reading and sharing.
I’m still learning about my self and I hope to help you learn about your self too.