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Keep your breakfast interesting (the easy way)

The breakfast’s the same, yet it changes every day – plenty of goodness & keeps you full.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I get bored of my breakfast very quickly. After eating something for a week or so, all of a sudden I just don’t like it any more. Put off from the idea of eating bread with feta and olives, or my appetite for courgette fritters disappears and cereal is a no-no. As someone who likes to start their day with nice food, this is an annoying dilemma.
In December, I was adamant to find something lasting for my mornings. Something that I enjoy making, enjoy eating, is wholesome and nutritious and will keep me going until lunch time. Alongside this, I love cooking, so starting the day by doing something I love is an added bonus.
Tip: One of the best ways to develop good habits, is by ensuring the thing your doing is enjoyable. I had wanted to get fit for ages, start running, cycling or going to the gym, but I really didn’t enjoy these activities on their own. They’re just so dull. When I found rock climbing however, everything changed. I was going 4 times a week, started cycling to the climbing wall. No extra effort needed. (I still hate jogging though) Finding the right sport for me was crucial for me to start exercising. My admiration & dedication to the sport has also lead me to form many other good habits, focused on developing my self for the sport. Find something you love to do and it will surely be easier to do it.
Morning porridge 

An awesome porridge recipe

I had porridge when I was younger: for me it was stuff that comes in a packet, my mum would add milk and mash a banana in it and, hey presto, there’s some porridge. I don’t like this type of porridge, it doesn’t taste of much, and it’s expensive. But now that I’m making my own porridge, I’m loving it!! One reason I’m enjoying it so much is because of the variability have, I can choose exactly what is going in it and I can mix it up every morning if I want to. I have a base recipe I start with and then build up from that, adding fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, spices or what ever takes my fancy.
Firstly, here’s the base recipe for an awesome porridge:
– Serves 1
  • 250g Oats
  • 100ml plant-based milk
  • 175ml water
  • tbsp Chia seeds
  • dash of Honey (try get a local one!)
  • tsp Cinnamon (change to taste)
  • dash of Vanilla extract (if you fancy)
Start off with a pot or small frying pan, throw in your oats, milk & water and put on a medium heat. Mix as it is heating to get the oats to absorb the liquids. Have your chia seeds at the ready, and about 2 minutes in (or as porridge starts to thicken) put them into the pan along with the cinnamon, and continue mixing. Once evenly spread throughout, add honey and vanilla extract to taste. Serve up in your favourite bowl.
Once you’ve got your porridge you can start the fun part of adding what you want into your breakfast. My favourite combination so far has been blueberries and halved raspberries, along with a seed mix. But, this part is really up to you! What do you enjoy? Strawberries? Apple? You decide.
Share your additions in the comments below.
Bon appetit!